When you order from a caterer, it’s not the same as ordering off a menu at a restaurant.  Caterers prepare food in volume and discount the price in comparison to ordering individual dishes a la carte.  Most caterers have minimum orders of 30, 50 or 100 servings.  Once you determine your event date and a budget, contact a caterer and request a quote.  Most caterers will request the basics for a quote: Date and time
Every TV, film or live event production needs craft service. In Los Angeles, you can expect to see production catering on most movie sets. At Dine With 9 Catering, not only do we provide production catering, we also provide craft service too. Craft service and production catering are not the same. Catering includes meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Craft service includes a variety of snacks, beverages, appetizers and other refreshments to keep your
Even if you don’t have a million dollars to complete your short film or TV production, you still have to feed your crew. At Dine With 9 Catering we provide complete meal packages for low budget productions. Most television, music video, film or live event productions work for about 12 to 14 hours. Union rules usually require meals at every 6-hours. The first hour of the day starts with breakfast; however, low-budget productions might skip
GINGER-MINT LEMONADE Dine With 9 Catering’s ginger-mint lemonade recipe is one of signature menu items.  Clients love it as an add-on for lunch and for cocktail parties where we spike it with either rum or vodka. It’s so refreshing and wholesome, you’ll want to bottle it up and take it home. Our chefs prepare this recipe fresh the day before an event, so the flavor is intense. We thought about bottling it up for sale,
Craft Service WHAT IS CRAFT SERVICES? In film, television and commercial production, craft services  refers to the person who provides snack food and beverages to the rest of the production crew.   Often referred to as “crafty,” this crew member provides buffet style snacks and drinks. The crafts in film refers to departments such as camera, sound, electricians, grips, art director, set decorator, hair and make-up, background. Crew positions evolved with technology and became more