Our Los Angeles Craft Service division will provide you with a professional and attentive craft service staff to ensure that your crew has healthy refreshments and essentials throughout the day. Typically Craft Service runs from $15 to $20 per person per day. Fifteen dollars being just basic snacks and $20 including tray passed appetizers and more selections. You determine your budget and we’ll make it work!  Our LA based craft service attendants will also travel outside the state with your production.  Ask about rates.

We also provide craft service kits that include the following. Specialty items can be added to your kit rental. Rental prices are based on your needs.

100 Cup Hot Beverage Urn

45 Cup Coffee Pot

12 Cup Coffee Pot

Espresso Machine

Tea Kettle


Panini Press

Electric Skillet


100 Quart Ice Chest

52-Quart Ice Chest

Table Linens

Misc. Baskets, Platters

Flower Vases and Decor